PQ to use social media to spread sovereignty message

CTV Montreal

The Parti Quebecois is dreaming big again about a sovereign Quebec — but this time the party’s message will also spread online.

“I’m asking you to speak to your families, and to your coworkers,” said Premier Pauline Marois at the PQ leadership convention in Drummondville this weekend.

Marois told some 400 PQ delegates from across the province the party’s new way to boost the sovereignty option will come in bytes: in tweets, on Facebook and on YouTube.


Dan Lamoureux, president of the Quebec Community Group Network agrees, but said at least the PQ has made an effort to reach out to the Anglo community.

“The community, in the past government did not have one special minister responsible for English-speaking Quebecers, so it’s a new experience for the government, as for the Quebec Community Groups Network or any other English group,” he said, adding that the benefit of social media is that public money isn’t being used to promote the sovereigntist movement.

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