Notre Home Teaser

Last spring, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) came up with a very inspiring project called “Notre Home”. The project aimed to foster a sense of belonging among young English-speaking Quebecers and build bridges with their francophone counterparts. Upon our initiative, David Hodges, a talented young hip hop artist, has teamed up with 8 other Quebec singers to pen an original anthem entitled “Notre Home” that illustrates how English-speakers see Quebec as their home. A report published in 2009 entitled “Creating Spaces for Young Quebecers”Quebecers” that was the culmination of a provincial youth consultation, stated that the process had allowed them to discuss their Quebec roots, their desire to remain in the province and their willingness to move past the linguistic tensions of previous generations.

Notre Home will be commercialized in 2013, but meanwhile, a “teaser” is circulating to mobilize both linguistic groups.