Opinion: Inconvenient truths for Quebec anglophones

The Gazette, David Johnston, Communities Editor

MONTREAL – I heard a term I was unfamiliar with this past weekend in reference to anglos who have left Quebec: The Aways.

Come to think of it, it would make a great name for a band, like The Dears or The Stills or some of those other local indie bands whose collective influence in pop music prompted Spin magazine in 2005 to dub Montreal “the new Seattle.”

It was Kevin Erskine-Henry, a South Shore anglo community organizer, who used the term at the Quebec Community Group Network’s Strategic Priorities Forum in Montreal. The QCGN is the federally funded umbrella organization for anglo community groups in Quebec that replaced the old Alliance Quebec after it crashed and burned in the years after the emotional aftershocks of the 1995 referendum.

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