English CEGEPs breathe sigh of relief

The Gazette, Janet Bagnall

MONTREAL — There was good and bad news on the education front for the English community in the Parti Québécois’ new take on Bill 101. The best news for many in the anglophone community was that the government backed away from prohibiting any non-English-speaking students from attending English CÉGEPs.

“That is very good news,” said Gilbert Héroux, director-general of Vanier College. “That would have had a major impact.”


These measures run counter to the spirit of generosity English Quebecers have the right to expect after Premier Pauline Marois described the anglophone community as a “richness” for the province, said Sylvia Martin-Laforge, director-general of the Quebec Community Groups Network. “Our potential renewal depends on keeping our institutions open and vital,” she said. “The English-speaking communities don’t agree with the premise that the French language is in great peril.”

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