Videos: March 18th Seniors Network Forum

Last Friday, the QCGN and its Seniors Committee have taken first steps towards the creation of a Provincial Network for English-speaking Seniors. Keynote speakers were Ms. Sheila Goldbloom (Conseil des aînés and co-chair of the 2008 Provincial commission for the living conditions of Seniors), who reminded the participants the importance of a Network to support our work, and Mr. Roger Doiron, President of the Fédération des aînées et aînés francophones du Canada, who came from New-Brunswick to share with us best practices in the establishment of such a network in linguistic minority communities.

To read the post-event press release, click here.

Click below to watch videos of some of the key moments of the event: speeches from Sylvia Martin-Laforge (Director General of the QCGN), Mr. Roger Doiron and Mrs. Sheila Goldbloom.

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