EMSB pitches ‘tout en français’

The Montreal Gazette, Brenda Branswell

When the English Montreal School Board kicks off its new marketing campaign at an elementary school today, it will do so tout en français to make a point.

With elementary school registration looming next month, the EMSB wants to court new students to its English schools by promoting its French-language education.

[…] To English parents who are sending their children to French school, the board says it guarantees their children will graduate fully bilingual after attending its French immersion program. ”I think the English school system, by and large, is doing a better job than they have been in educating the kids in French, ”said Lawrence DePoe, executive director of the Quebec branch of Canadian Parents for French, who appears in the EMSB promotional video.

But DePoe also said it is important for school boards to keep improving. He referred to a report released by the Quebec Community Groups Network last year about a consultation with 400 English-speaking young people age 16 to 29. They said they wanted more French-language training.

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