Re: “More dangerous than Bill 103” (Letters, Oct. 7).

With regards to Brent Tyler’s comments about our director-general, Sylvia Martin-Laforge, being a member of the Conseil superieure de la langue francaise:
Martin-Laforge sits on the Conseil as an individual and not as a representative of the Quebec Community Groups Network.

Martin-Laforge informed me that she had made clear her unambiguous opposition to the “avis” of the Conseil calling for tighter restrictions on access to English schools, and that her dissenting opinion was communicated to the minister. Her dissent is also on the record, as culture and education committee cochair Pierre Curzi asked us about her position during our testimony during the hearings on Bill 103.

I would like to note that the Conseil profits from Martin-Laforge’s point of view. She is perfectly bilingual, has deep respect for the francophone community, understands the challenges of minority language communities -both English and French -and is able to bring a deep-seated understanding of Quebec and of many Quebecers to the Conseil’s deliberations.

Linda Leith, President Quebec Community Groups Network Montreal