SAY NO TO BILL 96 Language Rights are Human Rights

Quebec’s Bill 96 is proposing to pull back the rights and freedoms of Quebecers under the cover of language legislation. Click here to learn how Bill 96 would negatively affect your daily life, how we can work together to oppose it, and click here to find out what the QCGN is doing about this.

QCGN Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

To help English-speaking Quebecers navigate through the COVID-19 health emergency, the QCGN created an on online information hub that provides access to reliable information in English. Click here to find links to government programs as well as additional resources and online tools.


True Impact of Bill 96 on English-speaking Community Now Abundantly Clear

Following months of repeated assurances to the contrary, Quebec Premier François Legault this morning confirmed that under Bill 96, he intends to restrict access to Quebec government services in English to members of the English-speaking community eligible to receive English education under Bill 101. Among the effects, this would remove the existing right to access […]

Historic Quebec anglos are those eligible for English schooling, says Legault

Premier François Legault has defined the historic English-speaking community as people who are eligible for English schooling in Quebec. The QCGN says the definition would mean between 300,000 and 500,000 English-speaking Quebecers would be dropped from the list of those entitled to services. The QCGN also challenged Legault’s statement that anglophones are the best treated minority in […]

Quebec anglos are best-served minority in Canada, Legault insists

Premier François Legault said Tuesday that despite his rocky relationship with Quebec’s English-speaking community, it is nevertheless the best served minority in Canada and he is proud of that. Legault’s use of the term “historic English-speaking community” will raise some hackles. The English community has complained such language potentially narrows the list of people eligible for services […]