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Fill out our Bill 96 Impact Awareness questionnaire to provide the QCGN with specific details of issues that you or your family have experienced that illustrate the negative effects of Quebec’s new language law.

Bill 96, which became law on June 1, 2022, restricts the rights of all Quebecers in areas like education, health and social services, and access to justice.

More about the bill and other language legislation on our Language Rights page.


‘Je suis Québécoise. Point final’: Questions remain for Anglophones after Bill 96 passes

Under Bill 96, politicians have promised “historic Anglos” they will keep their rights. But many wonder how that will work. “It’s limiting, it’s insulting,” said Eva Ludvig, the QCGN acting president. “It denies the history, the experience, the contribution of English speakers in Quebec.” Read more

CBC can keep its controversial branded content division, CRTC rules

The CRTC says the CBC can keep its controversial branded content advertising, ruling that it “remains pertinent” for the federally funded organization’s budget despite serious concerns expressed by media unions, advocacy groups and hundreds of its own journalists. The Quebec Community Groups Network pleaded that Tandem “could have an impact on the journalistic independence and […]