Fill out our Bill 96 Impact Awareness questionnaire to provide the QCGN with details of issues that you or your family have experienced that illustrate the negative effects of Quebec’s new language law.

Bill 96, which became law on June 1, 2022, restricts the rights of all Quebecers in areas like education, health and social services, and access to justice. More about the bill and other language legislation on our Language Rights page.


Liberal MP Housefather could face long-term blowback for voting against own party

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather could face long-term backlash for voting against Bill C-13, as he was the only Liberal and only Member of Parliament to do so, says Professor […]

Liberal MP Housefather defies party, votes against federal language bill

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather stood against the tide by voting “No” to Bill C-13 yesterday – the only MP in the House of Commons to do so. “It’s difficult […]