SAY NO TO BILL 96 Language Rights are Human Rights

Quebec’s Bill 96 is pulling back the rights and freedoms of Quebecers under the cover of language legislation. Click here to learn how this unprecedented government proposal would negatively affect your daily life and how we can work together to oppose it.  

QCGN Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

To help English-speaking Quebecers navigate through the COVID-19 health emergency, the QCGN created an on online information hub that provides access to reliable information in English. Click here to find links to government programs as well as additional resources and online tools.

Discover how to become more involved in the democratic process. Click on the Inspire Democracy logo to consult Elections Canada’s information and toolkits.


Quebec Community Groups Network Urges English-speaking Quebecers to Vote for Best Local Candidate

As Canadians head to the polls Monday, English-speaking Quebecers are confronted with an unprecedented set of proposed violations of our fundamental rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, few candidates and none of the main political parties have pledged to defend our community from these recent attacks – or to safeguard Canada’s linguistic duality. Read more

‘People will die,’ Nakuset warns Legault on Bill 96

Nakuset was unequivocal Tuesday: the passage of Bill 96 will lead to needless deaths of Indigenous people. Speaking at videoconference hearings being held by the Quebec Community Groups Network into the proposed overhaul of Quebec’s language charter, a frustrated Nakuset had a dire warning for Premier François Legault. “If this bill goes through, he is […]

Opinion: We write in English and are allies of the French language

Christopher Neal and Julie Barlow, a board member and president of the Quebec Writers’ Federation explain that they feel the need to speak out against Bill 96, even as allies of the French language: “While it claims to protect and promote French, [it] would do so at the expense of truth, rigour and respect for […]

QCGN Urges All Participants in Debate over Bill 96 to Act with Civility and Respect

When it adopted the Charter of the French Language more than 40 years ago, the Quebec National Assembly embraced an enduring and essential commitment: to pursue the Charter’s objectives “in a spirit of fairness and open-mindedness, respectful of the institutions of the English-speaking community of Quebec, and respectful of the ethnic minorities, whose valuable contribution […]