SAY NO TO BILL 96 Language Rights are Human Rights

Quebec’s Bill 96 is proposing to limit services to English-speaking Quebecers and pull back our rights and freedoms of under the cover of language legislation. Click here to read and sign our open letter to Premier Legault. Also click here to learn how Bill 96 would negatively affect your daily life. More details about this bill and other language legislations on our Language Rights page.

QCGN Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

To help English-speaking Quebecers navigate through the COVID-19 health emergency, the QCGN created an on online information hub that provides access to reliable information in English. Click here to find links to government programs as well as additional resources and online tools.


Analysis: Anglade positions Liberals as green, economic federalist alternative to CAQ

On Sunday, Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade responded to a rebuke sent her way by the Quebec Community Groups Network, which was not amused by her comment Saturday that, push come to shove, anglophones are better off with the Liberals than the CAQ . “Epic failure to listen to Quebec anglos who are worried about […]

Anglade says anglos better off with Liberals despite lack of language debate

Despite a lack of concrete proposals aimed at the English community, Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade on Saturday said anglophones are still better off with her party than the Coalition Avenir Québec. Anglade’s comments sparked a sharp rebuke from the umbrella group representing English-Quebecers, the Quebec Community Groups Network. In a tweet, the QCGN accused the […]

Anglos better off with Libs says Anglade

Quebec anglophones should stick with the Quebec Liberals even as that party is not debating its 27-point language policy this weekend, leader Dominique Anglade told reporters. The Quebec Community Groups Network criticized the  Liberals. “Usually a hot topic at conventions, the Liberals are steering around a debate about language,” the group tweeted. “Anglade said nobody […]

What Quebec’s English-speaking community are saying about Bill 96

“Undemocratic,” “odious,” and “deeply problematic” – these are just a handful of the words some community groups used to describe Bill 96 during the hearings that wrapped up at the National Assembly recently. Unsurprisingly, the harshest criticisms came from the Quebec Community Groups Network, the group that represents a broad coalition of English-speaking groups in […]