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Data suggests Anglophone support for Bill 21 lower than CAQ says: QCGN
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English-speaking Quebecers strongly against Bill 21, poll shows
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RT @qesba: L’ouverture de la conférence du printemps de l’ #AAESQQESBA aujourd’hui avec près de 300 administrateurs et commissaires scolair…
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English-speaking community disagrees profoundly with government on secularism bill

Montreal – May 23, 2019 – A clear majority of English-speaking Quebecers do not support restrictions on religious symbols worn by public officials. That conclusion stood out in a recent poll that surveyed Quebecers’ attitudes towards the Coalition Avenir Québec government’s proposed secularism bill. An oversample of English-speaking Quebecers taken from an Association for Canadian […]

Geoff Chambers: CAQ actually not doing that badly

The head of the QCGN, Geoffrey Chambers, wants to respond to the CAQ and their Anglo Secretariat. Listen to the report

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