Community concern is rising over Bill 15 that would radically change the delivery of health and social services in Quebec. The QCGN encourages you to speak out by  signing this petition, speaking to your MNA, or sending a comment to the Committee on Health and Social Services studying the bill.

Become informed by viewing the QCGN’s webinar below on Bill 15 as well as the  playlist  with clips from Liberal Health Critic André Fortin; health care advocate Eric Maldoff; Montreal Gazette health reporter Aaron Derfel; and Jeff Shamie, president and CEO of the Cedars Cancer Foundation.


Anglo group condemns CAQ plan to let Santé Québec revoke English services

The QCGN is alarmed by the last-minute amendment in Bill 15 by the Coalition Avenir Québec government, which aims to give Santé Québec the power to revoke the rights of health institutions from offering services in English. “We are shocked that minister (Christian) Dubé would try and drop an amendment like this into Bill 15 […]

Toula Drimonis: Sadly, latest anglo scapegoating comes as no surprise

The latest volley against Quebec’s English-speaking community by the Bloc Québécois – this time being a critique of the funding it receives from the federal government – is a red herring, comments columnist Toula Drimonis. She makes note of the reaction by the QCGN, which wrote in a statement that the funding is meant to […]

No time to waste before government imposes massive centralization of health and social services – and adds a new threat to English access

There is fresh urgency to sign a petition demanding the Quebec government slam the brakes on its massive Bill 15, which is designed to create a vast centralization of our health and social-services network. The imperative arrives in the form of a last-minute, government-proposed amendment, suspended for the moment, that would give its new central […]

Bill 15 ‘centralization’ will impact Anglo health access

QCGN President Eva Ludvig was on hand at a town hall meeting at Dawson College earlier this week to warn attendees of the potential negative impacts Bill 15 could have on accessing health services in English. “This act is centralizing under one body, under control of the bureaucracy,” she explained. “They know nothing about the […]