« Le déclin du français au Québec : c’est assez », writes Mario Beaulieu

“Statistique Canada a récemment publié des chiffres alarmants sur le déclin du français au Canada et au Québec en 2036. Cette publication a suscité une vive réaction de Mario Beaulieu, le député de La Pointe-de-l’Île et porte-parole du Bloc québécois en matière de langue officielle.”

Following the release of Stats Canada’s projections on language in Canada, Mario Beaulieu wrote an article in the Huffington Post to blame the federal government for the drop in French language over the last 20 years. He also presented the argument that English-speaking groups, such as the QCGN and now defunct Alliance Quebec, were backed up by the feds to impose  the English language over the will of Quebec as a French-speaking province.

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QCGN Discusses Concerns of English-speaking Community with Premier Couillard

Quebec City, November 8, 2016 – At a first-ever meeting with Premier Philippe Couillard at the National Assembly Tuesday afternoon representatives from the Quebec Community Groups Network had a frank and positive discussion about Quebec’s support to its English-speaking minority community.

Top of mind were reforms to education and health and social service networks that had major impacts on our institutions; the scarcity of English-speaking Quebecers in the provincial civil service; as well as the importance of retaining youth so they can bolster our communities, support our elders and make positive contributions to the future of Quebec.

Crédit photo: Claude Hurens

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Educational Institutions Must Tie Their Activities to the Vitality of the Communities They Serve

Montreal, September 21, 2016 – The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) recognizes that schools are a cornerstone of the vitality of English-speaking communities and believes that Education Act should enhance the responsibility of our educational institutions to serve their communities.

In a brief submitted to the Committee on Culture and Education this week, the QCGN argues that school boards, schools, as well as adult and vocational centres must support the development and vitality of their respective communities. QCGN, which represents 48 groups across Quebec, insists that this responsibility should be clearly defined within the Education Act rather than being discretionary on the part of educational institutions.

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Discussing educational reform

QCGN Director Sylvia Martin-Laforge discusses the provincial government’s educational reform with CTV Montreal’s Mutsumi Takahashi. Watch video

Anglophones more comfortable in Quebec, but will not fall into complacency

A feature in Le Devoir suggests that English-speaking Quebecers are becoming increasingly comfortable in their home province. However QCGN Director-General Sylvia Martin-Laforge says the minority community has concerns including recent health care reforms and the government’s decision to eliminate school board elections. Read more…

Quebec’s English-speaking Communities Need Support to Integrate Newcomers

Montreal – May 7, 2015

Quebec’s English-speaking minority community and Francophone minority communities outside Quebec need the support of the federal government to ensure they take full advantage of the positive impacts that immigration can have on them, said Commissioner of Official Languages, Graham Fraser, as he delivered in his 2014-2015 Annual Report released earlier today.

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La directrice générale du QCGN Sylvia Martin-Laforge en entrevue à CTV

La directrice générale du QCGN Sylvia Martin-Laforge était en entrevue à CTV afin de discuter de l’importance des commissions scolaires en ce qui a trait à la vitalité de la communauté d’expression anglaise. Pour regarder la vidéo, cliquez sur ce lien.

QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge on CTV

QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge was on CTV today to discuss the importance of school boards for the English-speaking community’s vitality. Click here to view the full clip.

Le QCGN à la recherche de personnes émérites qui contribuent à la vitalité de la communauté d’expression anglaise

Communiqué de presse

Le Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) sollicite des mises en candidature de personnes émérites afin de célébrer leurs contributions remarquables à la vitalité de la communauté d’expression anglaise du Québec, dans le cadre de sa cérémonie annuelle de remise du prix Goldbloom. Le prix Goldbloom est une initiative du QCGN et fut lancé en 2009 pour rendre hommage à des gens qui, par leur contribution, ont permis de renforcer la communauté d’expression anglaise et de tisser des liens solides entre Québécois d’expression anglaise de différentes origines.

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QCGN Seeks Exceptional Individuals who Contribute to Vitality of English-Speaking Community

Montreal, April 20, 2015 – 
The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) is welcoming nominations of individuals who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the vitality and understanding of English-speaking Quebec for recognition with a Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Distinguished Community Service Award. The award, which recognizes individuals who have contributed to strengthening the English-speaking community and to building bridges between Quebecers of different backgrounds, was established by the QCGN in 2009 to celebrate individuals who, like Dr. and Mrs. Goldbloom, have dedicated themselves to ensuring English-speaking Quebec remains a vibrant community within Quebec and Canada.