Let’s Shift the Focus to Underlying Issues at McGill University Health Centre

Montreal – May 19, 2017 

The English-speaking community should be reassured this morning that major parties now acknowledge the leadership vacuum that exists within the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and are agreed on the urgent need to resolve it. In particular, the Quebec Community Groups Network warmly welcomes the admission by the MUHC Foundations that such a crisis exists.

Both the Foundations and Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette agree with us that recent developments have opened up the way to a constructive approach. We must all work together to remedy the systemic MUHC problems. The situation cannot simply be allowed to further deteriorate.

“We welcome immediate dialogue to ensure that the MUHC and its partners will be equipped with the needed tools and fresh leadership to provide our community with truly efficient patient-centred continuity of care,” said QCGN Vice-President Geoffrey Chambers. “On behalf of our community we look forward to being able to take these long-festering issues in hand, and resolving them once and for all.”

The QCGN had made its position clear in a more detailed opinion piece published this morning in The Gazette.

Chambers noted that the fact that the Foundations of the merged institution were the ones that had to stand up and speak for the beleaguered MUHC is a disturbing sign of how the current internal leadership of the MUHC has been crippled by managerial issues and grave shortcomings from both governance and accountability standpoints.

“There is a crisis. Everybody now, finally, recognizes there is a crisis. Let’s shift the focus to the underlying issues and get on with the job, rather than casting blame, raising anxiety in the community or trying to battle this out in the media,” Chambers counselled.

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