QCGN Hopeful About Opportunities for Official Language Minority Communities in Federal Budget

Montreal – March 23, 2017 – The Quebec Community Groups Network is cautiously optimistic about opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking Community contained in this week’s federal budget.

“The budget’s emphasis on skills development, innovation, and job growth are a good fit to our community’s strategic development goals of economic prosperity,” commented QCGN President James Shea. “We know that achieving economic prosperity – a key component of our collective vitality – depends on greater access to employment and educational opportunities for youth and adults alike, especially through skills training, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

“English-speaking Quebecers have reason to be excited about the possibilities contained in today’s federal budget, particularly those aspects promoting skill acquisition, innovation and employment,” Shea added. “We are especially hopeful about the Community Educational Infrastructure Program, investments that could see the construction of vital spaces like early childhood, community, and cultural centres. We hope that the Governments of Quebec and Canada can work together to ensure English-speaking Quebec can equitably access and benefit from this marvelous initiative.”

The QCGN has developed relationships with the key federal institutions who will be delivering on the skills, innovation, employment and community building aspects of the budget.

“The QCGN is well placed to help the Government of Canada work directly with our community, or in partnership with the Government of Quebec to bring the promise the 2017 budget to English-speaking Quebec,” said QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge.  “We also look forward to next year’s budget and its anticipated inclusion of resources to implement the Government of Canada’s new Action Plan on Official Languages and the positive impacts that will have on our community.”

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