Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and Partners Take First Steps to Creating Provincial Network of English-speaking Seniors

For Immediate Release Montreal – March 18, 2011 – More than five dozen seniors and representatives from institutions and community groups from across Quebec gathered today to take the first important steps towards the creation of a provincial network for English-speaking seniors. The establishment of such a network was the main recommendation set out in […]

English in Quebec needs protection: Senate Report

The West Island Chronicle, Sarah Leavitt The Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages released its findings on its two-year study of English-speaking communities in Quebec and notes that the challenge lies, not in ensuring the survival of its language, but in ”ensuring the community’s survival and supporting its vitality in all regions of Quebec.” headed […]

Protect minority-anglo rights, Senate tells feds

Le Bulletin d’Aylmer, Julie Murray According to a new report from the Senate Committee on Official Languages, the federal government is failing Quebec’s English-speaking minority and not living up to its obligations under the Official Languages Act. Based on public hearings and meetings in Ottawa and across Quebec, The Vitality of Quebec’s English-Speaking Communities: From […]

Equal rights for anglos

The National Post, March 14, 2011 On March 9, the Senate Committee on Official Languages criticized the federal failure to protect English language rights in Quebec. According to a new report: “Despite all the goodwill there may be on the ground, there are major disparities when it comes to access to schools, cultural products, heritage, […]

Time to abandon myths about anglos in Quebec

The Gazette, Editorial page It remains to be seen whether the report on Quebec’s English-speaking minority released last week by the Senate’s official languages committee will make much of a difference, but it is a noble and welcome effort in aid of a community that is more typically either disdained or taken for granted. Nearly […]

Registration closed for the Seniors Network Launch

The event which will be held this Friday has already reached its full capacity, which is a sign of success. For those who are too late to participate will be able to watch some parts of the event in a few weeks on the QCGN website, as it will be video-taped. For more information, click […]

West Quebecers study future of Anglo communities in West Quebec

The West Quebec Post, Lily Ryan Directors of the Regional Association of West Quebecers consulted a selection of their membership, February 23, in preparation for RAWQ’s long-term strategic plan. Moderated by planning facilitator Susan Grundy, fifteen members met the board at the Western Quebec Career Centre. The plan will map out where RAWQ’s resources should […]

Feds must do more for Quebec’s Anglo rights; Senate report

Sherbrooke Record, Corrinna Pole The perception of Quebec’s English speaking population needs to change and the federal government must do more to promote and protect its rights determined a Senate report that was released Thursday. The 129-page report of the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages, examined the various aspects of life for English speakers […]

QCGN President on Global News about the Senate Report

QCGN President Linda Leith was interviewed about the Senate Report on the English-speaking Community on Global News. Leith talked about the fact that the Senate report on anglophone rights in Quebec debunks myths about Anglophones being a privileged elite. She said the Senate also supported QCGN’s concerns about transparency in how Federeal funding is delivered to Quebec […]

QCGN President interviewed on Quebec AM about Senate Report

To listen to the podcast, click on the link below.

QCGN grateful for the work done by the Senate Committee on Official Languages and for the English-speaking community’s participation

For immediate release Ottawa, March 10, 2011 – Quebec’s English-speaking community is one of two Official Language Minority Communities in Canada, and the federal government must promote and protect its rights.  Those are among the key messages in a report released by the Senate Committee on Official Languages Thursday.  The 100-page report states that ways […]

Protect language rights: Senate report Official Languages Committee; Aging anglophone population no longer privileged, lags behind francophones

The Gazette, Marian Scott English-speaking Quebecers are no longer the privileged elite they were long considered to be, says a Senate report that calls on the federal government to do a better job of protecting the rights of the anglophone minority. The 129-page report by the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages paints a detailed […]

Senate Committee on Official Languages to release report on ESCQ

The Senate Committee on Official Languages released today its report on the reality of English-speaking Communities of Quebec. The report ”The Vitality of Quebec’s English-Speaking Communities: From Myth to Reality – Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages” refers to the Senators visit to the Province in the Fall of 2010. To read […]

English-speaking communities in Quebec face challenges, Senate committee finds

IPolitics, Devon Black In a new report released Wednesday, the Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages reported that English-speaking communities in Quebec face unique challenges in preserving their language within the majority Francophone province. The report, entitled “The Vitality of Quebec’s English-Speaking Communities – From Myth to Reality”, used information from public hearings and informal […]

March 18: Launch of a Provincial Network for English-Speaking Seniors

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) invites you to the launch of its Provincial Network for English-Speaking Seniors in Quebec on March 18. The guest speaker will be Mrs. Sheila Goldbloom. Also on hand for the event will be Mr. Roger Doiron, President of La Fédération des aî­nées et aî­nés fran­co­pho­nes du Canada (FAAFC).

The forum will serve as a venue to discuss the key issues that affect English speaking seniors in Quebec. It will give us the opportunity to clarify the vision, mandate and objectives of such a Network and develop an action plan for the upcoming year. The day will be followed by discussions and intimate group workshops. We would like to thank the Government of Quebec for its financial support through the Soutien aux initiatives visant le respect des aînés (SIRA) program for making this project possible.

The event was created to give the opportunity to seniors and caregivers to network.

To have more information and read the program, click on the link below.