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  • Poll shows MUHC crisis taking toll on Quebec Liberals

    July 20, 2017 A Montreal Gazette poll shows Non-francophones are not impressed by how Health Minister Gaétan Barrette is handling the crisis at the McGill University Health Centre, and it may hurt the Liberals in the next election. A majority of non-francophones surveyed said:
    • They are following MUHC developments closely (64%);
    • The quality of care at the MUHC has got worse over the past three years (67%);
    • Barrette has not handled the situation well (55%); and
    • Budget cuts are to blame for the hospital network's woes (54%), not poor management (18%).

    Even among the general population, more than half of those polled in the Montreal area said they disapprove of Barrette’s handling of the MUHC file. Overall, however, party support did not budge much in the new poll:

    • 33% would support the Liberals (no change);
    • 28% backed the CAQ (up one percentage point);
    • 21% planned to vote for the Parti Québécois (down one percentage point); and
    • 19% said they would support Québec solidaire (up one percentage point). 
    Among Francophones, the Liberals and
  • Deadline for decision on Canada Post home delivery missed as Liberals decide best path forward

    July 19, 2017 The promised deadline for a decision on whether the Liberal government will restore door-to-door mail delivery has passed with the government now saying it will announce its decision on the future of home delivery sometime before the end of 2017. A spokesperson for Minister of Public Services and Procurement Judy Foote says the decision is delayed due to the complexity of the issue, but the president of the union representing postal workers said he's not buying that explanation. "We've given lots of opportunities for this government to get this right, and unfortunately they've decided to delay, dither and do nothing," said Mike Palecek, national president of CUPW. Ian Lee, an associate professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, said Canada Post's audited financial statements show an increase in parcel volumes is not enough to offset the decline in letter mail, and believes the Liberals are in a tough spot with respect to the matter.
  • Poll shows federal Liberals hold commanding lead in voter intentions

    July 20, 2017 The latest Abacus Data poll shows the federal Liberals continue being the most popular choice among Canadian voters. Overall, 43% of voters said they would support the Liberals if an election was held today. The Conservatives claimed 31% support, the NDP 16%, and the Green Party 5%. 

  • Opinion: Reception to constitutional talks a victory for Couillard

    July 20, 2017 Although Justin Trudeau remains steadfast that he will not be re-opening constitutional discussions, Le Devoir's Robert Dutrisac believes the support Philippe Couillard has received from other premiers on the matter is a victory in itself [Translated from French]
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  • QESBA concerned over provincial, school board elections being held in such close proximity

    July 19, 2017 Quebecers are slated to go to the polls twice next year within barely over a one month period. They will first elect a new provincial government, Oct. 1, 2018, then will vote for the leadership of their local school board just 34 days later, on Nov 4, 2018. That has the Quebec English School Boards Association concerned. Turnout in previous school board elections has been abysmal. Only about one out of every twelve eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot in French school boards in 2014; barely double that for their English counterparts. That was expected to spell the end of school board elections in the province, but French and English school boards teamed up, fought back and won their battle to retain school board democracy. Eager to boost voter participation, QESBA has asked the provincial government to consider changing the school board date to prevent the woeful turnout from recurring.
  • Justin Trudeau pushed for details on government vetting of Julie Payette

    July 19, 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to say what he knew about a dismissed, non-felony charge against his choice for Governor General. Julie Payette is calling the six-year-old incident a case of an "unfounded" allegation for which she was "immediately cleared" without any prosecution. The incident has raised questions about whether Trudeau knew about the information during the selection process that took place behind closed doors in the Prime Minister's Office, and if he did know, why he didn't see it as an issue.
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  • Quebec, Newfoundland to cooperate on mining, roads

    July 19, 2017 The Quebec and Newfoundland governments will work to increase mining in the Labrador trough and expand Route 138 in the Côte-Nord region. Work on the road could begin in 2018. The premiers said the goal would be to share resources for geological analysis to avoid redundancies.
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  • Opinion: Minorities influencing decisions affecting majority of population

    July 20, 2017 Journal de Montréal writer Mathieu Bock-Coté contemplates how politically correct and "sanitized" the world is becoming, and how changes affecting a large group of people are often being done to accommodate a minority population. [Translated from French]
  • Ontario communities participate in conference aimed to boost tourism to Francophone areas

    July 20, 2017 A dozen Ontario municipalities participated in a three-day summit in Quebec City aimed to bolster tourism to Francophone areas. Clarence-Rockland's mayor said highlighting what makes each municipality stand out will be necessary in order for smaller communities to compete with larger urban centres. [Translated from French]