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Daily Briefing

  • QCGN hopeful about opportunities for Official Language Minority Communities in federal budget

    March 23, 2017

    The Quebec Community Groups Network is cautiously optimistic about opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking Community contained in this week’s federal budget. "The budget's emphasis on skills development, innovation, and job growth are a good fit to our community's strategic development goals of economic prosperity," commented QCGN President James Shea. "English-speaking Quebecers have reason to be excited about the possibilities contained in today's federal budget, particularly those aspects promoting skill acquisition, innovation and employment," he added. The QCGN has developed relationships with the key federal institutions who will be delivering on the skills, innovation, employment and community building aspects of the budget. "The QCGN is well placed to help the Government of Canada work directly with our community, or in partnership with the Government of Quebec to bring the promise the 2017 budget to English-speaking Quebec," said QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge. "We also look forward to next year’s budget and its anticipated inclusion of resources to implement

  • Author of controversial Maclean's piece resigns from McGill post

    March 24, 2017 McGill University is addressing what it calls "unfounded rumours and concerns regarding academic freedom" following Andrew Potter's resignation from his post as director of the Institute for the Study of Canada. Potter stepped down after coming under criticism for a column in Maclean's linking a traffic jam on a Montreal highway during last week's snowstorm to a broader "social malaise." In an apology, Potter acknowledged he "went too far" in the piece. Fellow academics raised concern he may have been pressured to leave his post, and argued his departure could discourage others from engaging in public debate. McGill found itself in an uncomfortable situation after Potter's column provoked the wrath of Quebec's political class, with Premier Philippe Couillard suggesting the piece was "based on prejudices." The university made a point of distancing itself from the controversy, saying on Twitter that the views expressed in the column "do not represent those of McGill."
  • AFO releases white paper on Francophone immigration

    March 24, 2017 L'Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario tabled its White Paper on Francophone immigration in the province. The paper proposes a number of measures to encourage the integration of Francophones in the province. [Translated from French]
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  • Quebec adopts motion to express disappointment over federal budget

    March 23, 2017 The Quebec National Assembly has adopted a motion to express disappointment with the federal budget after Ottawa did not commit any money for important transportation projects in Montreal. The motion will be sent to Ottawa to show Quebec's "great disappointment" at what it calls the absence of federal commitment in areas the province considers priorities. The Couillard government had been holding out for funding for the electric train project and extending the Metro's blue line.
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  • Report: Trudeau should have answered Town Hall questions in both English, French

    March 24, 2017 Interim Commissioner of Official Languages Ghislaine Saikaley acknowledges that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should have answered questions in both French and English during his Town Hall tour of the country. Controversy erupted at Trudeau's stops in Sherbrooke, Que. and Peterborough, Ont. when he did not answer questions in the language in which they were asked. [Translated from French]
  • Parliament reforms being studied, discussed

    March 24, 2017 The federal government is studying the overhaul of Parliament, including question period. There are complaints about the proposals on offer, however, including that changing question period to dedicate one session each week to questions for the prime minister, eliminating Friday sittings or reorganizing debate might diminish the opposition's ability to hold the government to account.
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  • YES Montreal to conduct business conference geared towards young artists

    March 23, 2017 YES Montreal is hosting its annual Business Skills for Creative Souls Conference on March 27. More than 20 panelists and speakers from the arts field will be on hand to offer their insights and experiences. For more information on the artists who will be speaking or to purchase tickets, visit www.yesmontreal.ca. 
  • Budget will see Liberals spend on training, innovation while holding line on most taxes

    March 22, 2017 The Liberal government delivered a budget designed to brace Canadians for a fast-changing global economy and empower women in the workforce, while taking a wait-and-see approach to sweeping changes south of the border. Budget 2017 offers targeted investments to tackle what it calls the "challenge of change." The budget delivers $1.18 billion this year on skills and innovation, nearly half of which has already been announced. Other targeted programs for new investment range from child care and social housing to training for jobless youth, Indigenous people and other Canadians to adapt to the transforming economy.
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  • MP Anthony Housefather lends voice to opposition of Quebec riding changes

    March 22, 2017 Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather expressed his opposition to the proposed riding changes slated to take effect in Quebec in advance of the 2018 provincial election. He says the matter negatively impacts the population he represents at the federal level as well as other minority communities in Quebec. "Why natural communities, especially minority language and cultural communities were so disregarded in the new map proposed by the Quebec Director General of Elections is puzzling and somewhat shocking and I want to join my voice to those of my own constituents and others who are denouncing this in the strongest terms," Housefather writes.