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The Official Languages Act and the English-speaking Community of Quebec: Learning from the Past

In remarks to the Standing Committee on Official Languages on the implementation of the Official Language Act, QCGN President Robert Donnelly testified that on matters of education, employment and immigration, the Government of Canada has negotiated bi-lateral agreements with the province of Quebec without substantive consultation with the English-speaking Community of Quebec, and without any […]

The Official Languages Act and the English-speaking Community of Quebec: Looking to the Future

In remarks to the Standing Committee on Official Languages Nicola Johnston, co-Chair of the QCGN Board’s Youth Standing Committee calls upon the Government of Canada fulfil its obligations towards the English-speaking youth in Quebec ensuring access to service and opportunity within an accountable framework when entering into bi-lateral agreements with Quebec.

Educating Today’s Quebec Anglophone

In this brief presented to the Minister of Education, Sports and Recreation, the Advisory Board on English Education investigates what type of education is appropriate to enable English-speaking Quebecers to be active participants in society, whether within Quebec or in the world, in the 21st century? It states that there is still need for more […]

Building upon Change and Diversity within the English-speaking Communities of the Greater Montreal Region: Pursuing Shared Development

POLICY DIALOGUE: Reviewing Key Policies in View of the Development, Challenges & Priorities of English-speaking Quebec and Identifying Preliminary Policy Gaps Requiring Community and Government Exploration, Attention and Collaboration

Creating Spaces for Young Quebecers: Strategic Orientations for English-speaking Youth in Quebec

Developing an Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy Framework for English-speaking Quebec

Building Leadership in Rural Quebec Project Toolkit: A resource for groups, organizations, and communities implementing projects in isolated minority language communities

A Policy Framework for Economic Development and Employability for the English-speaking communities of Quebec