2017 Priorities Seeting Steering Committee Survey Report

The purpose of this report is to present the results of the PSSC’s efforts monitoring the six evolving community priorities through an online survey and strategic consultations in 2017. The survey results provide a portrait of the activities undertaken in the current fiscal year, identify needs that are underserved and sectors of service that are under-developed, and, identify the plans developed by the various groups and organizations for addressing these needs.

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Access to Justice Literature Review

The objectives of this project are to research access to justice issues experienced by English-speaking Quebecers from their perspective, to establish metrics for measuring access to justice that fit the needs of community members, and to make recommendations to mitigate or overcome gaps and challenges for the English-speaking community of Quebec.

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The Constitution and the English Language in Quebec: Education; The Primacy of the French Language; Collective Rights

In this research paper prepared for the Quebec Community Groups Network, Michael N. Bergman and Katarina Daniels explore school board rights through a legislative and judicial history of section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and whether austerity measures proposed by Quebec’s Minister of Education are in violation of the Constitutional protections of minority language groups.

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Moving Forward: Building Research Capacity Related to Quebec’s English-speaking Seniors

This research report by the Quebec Community Groups Network is the most up-to-date and detailed portrait of English-speaking seniors in Quebec. Funded by the Government of Quebec and supported by the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN) at Concordia University, it presents the data collected during a three-year participatory research project where seniors helped define the topics of concern and carry out the research and disseminate the findings.

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2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Approved and adopted on June 15, 2013 during QCGN’s Annual General Meeting, the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan describes the most important issues adressed by the QCGN and how it plan to attain their goals over the period of time it covers.

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2012-2017 Community Priorities and Enabling Strategies of the English-speaking Community of Quebec

The 2012-2017 Community Development Plan for Quebec’s English-speaking communities lays out priorities and enabling strategies that were developed by more than 150 community leaders during a Community Priority Setting Conference in 2012. The conference was the culmination of the first phase the Strategic Priorities Forum that included 19 regional and sectoral consultations, five focus groups and an online survey of more than 500 English-speaking Quebecers, all of which sought the community’s input on the priorities for a vital and sustainable English-speaking community.

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Decline and Prospects of the English-Speaking communities of Quebec

Part of the New Canadian Perspectives series published by Canadian Heritage, this research report edited by socio-demographic researcher Richard Y. Bourhis documents the challenges and the ups and downs of the demographic and institutional vitality of the English-speaking communities of Quebec. Contributors include Rodrigue Landry, Jack Jedwab, William Floch, Joanne Pocock, Patricia Lamarre, James Carter, Guy Rodgers, Jane Needles, Rachel Garber, Hugh Maynard. The book concludes with essays by Dr. Victor Goldbloom, the former Commissioner of Official Languages, journalist André Pratte, and language commissioner Graham Fraser.

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The Health and Social Service Priorities of Quebec’s English-Speaking Population 2013-2018

A discussion document based on a consultation of Quebec’s English-speaking population that included 32 focus groups that captured the voices English-speaking people sharing their experiences with the health and social services network and their needs in the future. The document was used to present four priorities for a renewed federal investment in the health of English-speaking communities for the period 2013 to 2018.

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Declaration from the Community Priority Setting Conference of the English-Speaking Community of Quebec

This declaration of community priorities was ratified by more than 180 members of the English-speaking community of Quebec at the end of the Community Priority Setting Conference in 2012.  The conference was the culmination of the first phase the Strategic Priorities Forum that included 19 regional and sectoral consultations, five focus groups and an online survey of more than 500 English-speaking Quebecers.

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