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Trudeau apologizes to anglophone woman for answering in French at Sherbrooke town hall

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized for his refusal to answer a question in English when asked specifically about English mental health services at his town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, Que., last month.” Trudeau has called Judy Ross, the woman who asked the question in English and one of the founders of Mental Health Estrie, to offer his […]

Justin Trudeau conveys ‘sincere regrets’ for not answering in English

“In Valentine’s Day messages to Quebec anglophones, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed “sincere regrets” for refusing to answer questions in English last month” The incident dates back to January when Justin Trudeau answered in French to questions asked to him in English. Since then, several complaints were filed to the Commissioner of Official Languages. However, […]

Prime Minister makes formal, written apology for speaking French when answering English question

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized in writing for failing to speak English during a recent town hall meeting in Sherbrooke.” Following his misstep in January when he answered in French to questions asked in English during a town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, Justin Trudeau admitted that he had made a mistake within two days. […]

Justin Trudeau apologizes for answering English question in French at Sherbrooke town hall

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized to English language minority communities for answering an English question in French during a town hall session in Sherbrooke, Que.” Following the town hall meeting in Sherbrooke last January, Trudeau has since apologized in public, but also directly to the Quebec Community Groups Network in a letter stating he […]

Prime Minister Responds to Our Community

The QCGN is very pleased to report that we have just received a letter from the Prime Minister unequivocally reiterating his personal commitment to the rights of our English language minority community and to those of the French language minority outside Quebec. The letter was gracious and heartening, as it was clear our Prime Minister understands […]

Proposed new electoral map an ‘attack’ on the Anglo vote, lobby group says

“A proposal to eliminate a provincial riding with a large anglophone population could damage the community’s political voice, according to a prominent Anglo lobby group.” A proposed electoral map would have the riding of Westmount-Saint-Louis split in two to join the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and the newly-created downtown riding of Ville-Marie.  The result would be one less […]

Citizens rally, start petition to save Manon Massé’s riding

“Citizens of the Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques provincial riding have started a petition and demonstrated Sunday to stop their district from being eliminated before the next election.” A citizens’ movement is gaining ground against the decisions made by the Commission de la représentation électorale to remove Saint-Marie-Saint-Jacques riding from the electoral map. Similarly, the Westmount-Saint-Louis riding might also me […]