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This is the first time ever millennials have as much voting power as baby boomers reports @danspector from the…
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RT @BishopsForum: This is a video that we had the opportunity to watch as we learned about the realities of living…
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RT @qfhsa: First book Canada is hosting a massive FREE book distribution event in Montreal from September 24th-27th. Receiving books throu…
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RT @mtlgazette: Montreal dementia patient struggling to get care in English
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Quebec invests nearly $7 million in English-speaking community

It’s a new program that the province is hoping will help the English community. The Minister Responsible for Relations with English Speaking Quebecers, Kathleen Weil, announced nearly $7 million will be going to organizations that offer services to English-speaking Quebecers. Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) says though the grant program is something they’ve been pushing for, more is […]

Quebec spending millions to improve health care access for Anglos

As promised in the spring budget, the provincial government is spending $6.9 million to improve access to health care for anglophones and to help other anglophone groups. Kathleen Weil, the Minister responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, detailed on Tuesday how the money will be spent: $5.7 million for community groups that work with anglophones, […]

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  • Townshippers’ Association

    Townshippers’ Association is a non-profit, non-partisan community organization focused on promoting and supporting the interests of the English-speaking minority community in the historical Eastern Townships region of Quebec. Through a variety of initiatives and programs, Townshippers’ works to strengthen the community and culture of English-speaking Townshippers, open doors of opportunity for youth and promote access Read more [...]